Chicken Breeds 3-Part Cards


Montessori 3-part cards, also called nomenclature cards or classified cards, are a language tool designed for children aged 3 to 6. These cards help broaden children’s understanding of the world while enhancing their vocabulary and literacy skills.


  • Buff orpington
  • Buff silkie
  • White silkie
  • Rhode Island red
  • Barred Plymouth rock
  • Silver-penciled Plymouth rock
  • Sussex
  • Easter egger
  • Mille Fluer
  • Golden-laced wyandotte
  • Leghorn
  • Black copper maran

Control Cards are 3″x4″, Picture cards are 3″x3″, Word labels 3″x1″

Pages are designed to be printed double sided. The cut lines are on the back so the front stays crisp and clean. The back of these cards are labeled: Chicken Breeds


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