Does the Montessori Method work?

The Montessori method of education has been practiced internationally for over 100 years, and though the science of education is in its infancy, Montessori continues to prove itself to the children and families that experience it, that Montessori education works.

There are few randomized trials, the gold standard, for any method of education, including conventional methods that most children experience. The science of education is an emergent field.

But every year, formal studies are being conducted on the Montessori Method and on the key principles of its practice, such as the mixed-age classroom, uninterrupted work period, small group lessons, and hands-on education. In these studies, compared to control groups, the Montessori Method clearly outperforms alternatives, and more importantly, children that went to Montessori school believe that it made a significant positive outcome to their own life.

Montessori Education: A Review of the Evidence Base by Chloe Marshall

Evaluating Montessori Education by Angeline Lillard and Nicole Else-Quest